Realise increased productivity, performance and engagement in your business, fast.  Uncover the core motivational drivers of your leaders and their teams to quickly understand what they need to perform at their highest level.  Are you ready for exceptional results using Motivational Maps?

Employee Engagement

People are at the heart of your business, and your employees determine the growth and reputation of your organisation. There are Key Performance Indicators for measuring Finance, Customer Service, and Sales, but what about measuring the motivation of your team? 

Every person in an organisation impacts productivity, performance and most importantly, profit and so an unmotivated, disengaged workforce places the business at a disadvantage.  In contrast, a culture of engagement and motivated employees create business sustainability and growth.

Businesses who invest in Motivational Maps for their employees, know without ambiguity what motivates their leaders as well as their teams. Motivational Maps help you understand their core motivational drivers to identify what they need to perform at their highest level, and it provides practical tools to measure and increase motivation through proven strategies.  The results are 99% accurate, and the tool is ISO9001 accredited.

Having Motivational Maps in the leadership tool box improves employee engagement and motivation and this positively impacts your overall business results. If you are a business or organisation committed to delivering exceptional results through employee engagement, you can also benefit from the maps other features that supports the development of your team and organisation.

How do I measure performance using Motivational Maps?

The map is an online self-perception questionnaire that takes 15 minutes to complete on your computer.  Following completion, a 12-page report is generated that details individual or team core motivators, internal conflicts and demotivators.

Business benefits

  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increased revenue
  • Recruitment cost reduction
  • Retention of talented employees
  • Reduced absenteeism in the workplace

Benefits to employees

  • Increase in self-awareness, self-esteem and emotional well-being at work
  • Helps employees and leaders make career decisions
  • Improves relationships with co-workers
  • Creates a bridge between employee and leader
  • Highlights areas for personal development
  • Helps to build strategies to increase or maintain motivation

What my


Justine Noone - International Brand Manager
Elemis International Team

“Investing in Motivational Maps and workshop with Beverley was extremely valuable and beneficial for myself and team. The map results were insightful, and helped us to gain better understanding as to what motivates and demotivates each of us and how that affects productivity and team-dynamics. Understanding the motivators of my team helped to increase employee engagement and forge even better relationships (it’s gone from very good, to great) I understand how to better communicate and connect with my team who have different core motivators to my own. I now use Maps and the engagement strategies to improve team performance. Beverley is an extremely knowledgeable and professional coach and I would highly recommend her and Motivational Maps to increase employee productivity and engagement in your workplace. Brilliant!”

Naida Altobaishi – Managing Director
Maître of Thyme, London

“We at Maître of Thyme used Motivational Maps and delighted with the accuracy of the reports. The Maps have many functions; and we have implemented maps as a tool to help us with recruitment, as well as improve engagement and further understand what makes our employees tick. Without maps we wouldn’t be aware of how different we all are, and how best as leaders to really motivate our team. I would certainly recommend Beverley and Motivational Maps to leaders who wish to recruit, motivate and keep the best talent in their organizations”

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