Extraordinary success is within you.  Are you ready to accomplish your ambitions and achieve your full potential with less stress, increased productivity and maximum motivation? 

Executive coaching for execeptional leaders, results and success

The world we live and work in today moves quicker than ever before, simply keeping up with daily demands can be challenging and getting ahead can seem even more difficult. Increasing pressures on you as a leader to consistently perform at the highest level to deliver exceptional results can leave you feeling stressed, less productive, stuck and demotivated.  The isolation we experience in a senior position doesn’t often allow for a supportive professional network to be readily available when you need it.  So where do you turn when the stress begins to affect your performance and importantly your well being?  What do you do when the tools you once used to get ahead no longer work for you, and you can’t see your own limitations? 

The most successful people invest in personal development and coaching.

Designed for you as a leader, my executive coaching programme shows you different ways of responding to give you greater influence and power as a leader.  You will understand how to leverage your strengths to get more of what you want with less stress and more success. 

I give you the impartial guidance and unwavering support you need to find clarity and direction that enables you to take action.  With traditional coaching tools and a highly-accurate diagnostic tool, I identify your motivators and demotivators.  With understanding your core drivers, we work together to create the most innovative strategies to remove obstacles and experience greater clarity and professional success.  You move forward with renewed confidence and greater potential.

Benefits of executive coaching

  • Coaching sessions which directly link to, and impact on your organisation’s success
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to recognise and manage your blind spots
  • Increased ability to build sustainable relationships
  • Improved effectiveness in leadership skills and abilities
  • Improved health and wellbeing, reduced stress
  • Increased clarity and new perspectives

What my


Anonymous –Sales Director

"Beverley is trustworthy; down to earth; and extremely approachable! Customer Service is second to none! I felt valued, cared for and understood during my sessions. I am 100% clear in what I want and highly recommend Beverley’s coaching services! One of the best investments I’ve made in terms of my personal and professional development, and I would definitely seek coaching services from her again in the future"

Desmond Cawley – Director

“Motivational Map report I received from Beverley at Confidence Connoisseur is very accurate and a powerful tool for professional personal development. The report was very comprehensive and facilitated professionally and engagingly. This was time well spent to explain and reinforce the qualities I value in my career and personal life and importantly very useful with regards to where I should place emphasis”

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