Cruise through your midlife career change. Nifty navigation from an expert career strategist who knows all the back roads

Put your pedal to the metal. We're driving to your destiny, and the road ahead is clear.

Looking for a better places to spend 84,365 hours?

You spend a third of your life working, so what the hell are you doing in a career that doesn't light your fire? Let me tell you the top 3 reasons why you need to hire a gun like me:
  • You’re staring down a midlife career change and know exactly what you want, but you're scared to take that resignation-letter-shaped first step.
  • You’re a dynamite director - a senior somebody. You've got that managerial magic. What you don't have Is a clear idea for your next career move. (Sexy new Job? Juicy promotion? Exotic relocation?)
  • You’re overwhelmed with options, and LinkedIn is making you feel like you’d rather LinkOUT. Where do you even begin?
If you're battling self-doubt, craving career clarity, and looking to turn your Sunday night blues into Monday morning glee, then look no further.

Ditch the story you've been telling yourself. It's time to shift gears

There's only you. Here and now, deciding that enough is enough, and It’s time to tackle the toxic self-talk that’s been holding you back from the magnificent professional changes you're capable of.

Whaddaya say?

Kickstart your career change

You're not too old, and It’s not too late, and there's never going to bea ‘right time’ to transition into a dream career.

1:1 Career Makeover

In 8 perception-shattering weeks, we'll pinpoint your purpose in life, position you for your dream role, design a graceful exit strategy, and make a glorious plan for your future career.

This life-affirming investment includes psychometric testing + expertly written Linkedin profile

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Fast-Track Career Clarity

Strut out the other side of this 90-min 1:1 session with a 20/20 vision for your next career move. Collapse blockers and crank up beliefs. Fill up your cup with purpose.

Grab some clarity and accelerate your drive towards a role that motivates you deeply.

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Group Career Clarity

Snatch a spot on the 90-min group session version of my ‘Fast-Track Career Clarity’ session.

This budget-friendly, mini masterclass will equip you and up to 5 brilliant participants with your compass for a midlife career change. Reserve your spot now.

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Unshakeable confidence

By the end of our work together, you'll be spending less than 30-minutes of your day applying for jobs that fit you better than your favourite jumper.

You'll be power-posing In your bedroom mirror. And you'll free up your time to focus on the things that you really want to do, like having a glass of wine on a warm summer evening. Or booking that weekend away you've been promising yourself for months.

Unapologetic goal-getting

When you're a go-getter at the top of your game, you deserve to feel supported and celebrated at every step of your Job search. Together, we'll work on designing the unstoppable version of you.

Whether you want to secure a Saucy salary increase, position yourself for a prime promotion or cut the cord and transition into something new, I'll work with you to shake off your self-belief blockers and uncover your career strengths.

Meet your career change coach

I’m Beverley Spencer, Career Strategist, Certified Master Coach, and Chief Confidence Officer at Confidence Connoisseur, and I help high-performing leaders cruise through midlife career changes smoother than your car’s SatNav.

I worked in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for 15 years before something happened that turned my world upside down. I was made redundant from my job. I was shocked and scared, but as I stepped out of corporate life, I took my first step towards a whole new me.

I moved back to the UK with a vision to create work and life on my terms.

At 51 years of age, I founded Confidence Connoisseur, and I finally found joy in my work again. Now, | want to teach you to find joy in your work too. With my team of expert CV and LinkedIn writers on-hand to weave offer-winning words, and me, strategising by your side, we'll pinpoint your zone of genius and translate that into a career opportunity you love with a salary you deserve.

Every day we tell ourselves stories that aren't always fair or true. Yes, the future Is scary, and it’s okay to feel apprehensive, but my goal is to show you how brilliant you are on the other side of those blocks.

Ready to rise up and meet work you love to do?

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Recent wins

“After just two weeks with Beverley’s support, I was applying for roles of which I had never considered. By the end of the programme, I had achieved a new Senior Leadership role in a large organisation leading on staff development and organisational culture”

Geoff Robertson - Senior Lead in Education, UK

“With Beverley’s support, I began seeing things from a different perspective and found the courage to ask for the recognition I deserved in my work. I got promoted, renegotiated my salary and working hours. Beverley is the real deal and I’m really happy that I invested in coaching with her. Highly recommended”

TS Health Care Worker, New Zealand

“Beverley helped me declutter the mental rubbish that was blocking me from seeing and achieving my dream career. I am now positioning myself in the right places, and as a result, working much smarter than before. I highly recommend Beverley to professionals who are confused about their next career steps or want to work smarter in their job search”

Verna Hayward - Transition to Health Business Owner

Just one more thing

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